Products and Services

Pooled Water Exchange
  • The only allocation trade method that guarantees the market participants set the price.
  • The weekly exchange processes are independently audited.
  • The “pool” caters for both large and small trades.
  • Successful buyers will have water transferred almost instantly upon payment.
  • Sellers payments are guaranteed.
  • Pool results are published and full trade history is available on Water Partners (Aust) Ltd’s website.
  • Live online instant trade matching 24/7.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers connected to the pool to ensure the market drives the price.
  • Almost instant transfer of water upon payment for buyers.
  • Simple registration process.
  • History of trade information provided.
Permanent Entitlement Trade
  • Water Partners (Aust) Ltd has extensive listings of Permanent Water.
  • Water Partners (Aust) Ltd ensures it provides the stewardship required to see trades completed from the day they are matched to final settlement.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that processing is as seamless as possible.
  • Our fee structure is very competitive.
Lease of Entitlement
  • Water Partners (Aust) Ltd can arrange entitlement leases through several third party corporate lease providers or from private water owners looking to for a return on their water asset.
  • Leasing is fast becoming a tool of choice as irrigators look to secure water and still retain working capital within their businesses.
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Forward Allocation
  • Waters users can chose to commit to water for the next irrigation season at a set price.
  • Water can be delivered and paid at the time you need the water which enables irrigators to preserve cash until it is actually required.
  • A commitment to forward allocation also provide a level of surety of supply.
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Carryover Protection
  • Water Partners (Aust) Ltd provides a facility where irrigators can protect at risk water by carrying that water over against Low and High Reliability Water Shares.
  • Enquiries from Water Share holders with space for rent are very welcome.
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Water Management
  • Water Partners (Aust) Ltd provides water management services for both corporate and private irrigator clients.
  • Do you have entitlement that is not being fully utilized? Water Partners (Aust) Ltd management services has innovative solutions for every situation.
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