How To Trade

Water Partners (Aust) Ltd has a live online trading room for the benefit of all its members. This allows traders to upload an offer which can be viewed online and accepted by other traders. Although ‘live’ offers can be viewed by anyone, in order to upload an offer, or accept an existing offer, each trader must complete the Registration process completely. Traders can now also enter the weekly Pooled Exchange online once Registration has been completed. If you do not have an email address, please contact Water Partners (Aust) Ltd and our helpful staff will work with you to access the live trading environment.

The Water Partners (Aust) Ltd Traderoom is unique as it also incorporates trading into Water Partners (Aust) Ltd's Pooled Water Exchange. Unless a trader chooses otherwise all offers that are entered into the Traderoom will also have the opportunity to to be successful in the Pool. What does this mean?

  1. You double the chances of your offer being successful.
  2. The Pool "connection" maintains the integrity of the market driving the price.
  3. Fulll transparency and history of trade is maintained.
  4. You have greater flexibilty in your trading methods.
  5. No more "pool" forms to complete.


  • Simply click on the Registration button on the Water Partners (Aust) Ltd homepage.
  • When prompted, select the relevant option for new or existing trader.
  • Accept Water Partners (Aust) Ltd’s Trading Rules and Terms & Conditions.

New Trader

  • All information must be provided at Registration.
  • The Trading Entity is the name of the entity in which your entitlement is held.
  • Your ABN is your Australian Business Number issued by the ATO. If you do not have an ABN and are a seller of water, you will be required to complete a ‘Statement by Supplier form. A link to this form can be found at the bottom of the Registration page.
  • All address and contact details must be completed in full with a valid email address and telephone number.
  • Multiple contact details can be added with one contact identified as the ‘Primary Contact’.
  • Please ensure that all information is correct when completing the Entitlement Details section of registration.
  • Once all contact details and Entitlement Details have been completed, each trader must click the Submit button.
  • An email will be sent to each trader confirming that their Registration has been successful but that certain evidence of entitlement ownership must be provided to Water Partners (Aust) Ltd, together with the appropriate authority to act before trading can proceed.
  • Evidence of entitlement ownership must be provided to Water Partners (Aust) Ltd. A copy of of the relevant ABA Statement is sufficient.Click the link to see a sample of an ABA Statement )
  • A Form 39b must be completed in full by all holders of the ABA provided in order for Water Partners (Aust) Ltd to have authority to act on behalf of traders when transferring water.
  • If the ABA is in a Company name, or the person registering has Power of Attorney, Water Partners (Aust) Ltd will require Company Extracts and a certified copy of the Power of Attorney Document. Failure to provide these documents will delay registration.
  • Once Water Partners (Aust) Ltd is in receipt of the necessary documents, each trader will receive their Log-in information, via email, together with a temporary password. Upon initial Log-in, the trader will be prompted to change their password to something of their choosing.

Existing Trader

  • If your trading information is registered with Water Partners (Aust) Ltd, simply select the ‘Existing Water Partners (Aust) Ltd Customer’ option at Step 1 of Registration 
  • Trader information will be identified with an email address
  • If the trader’s information is successfully matched to the Water Partners (Aust) Ltd system, a pop-up will appear informing the trader that they have successfully registered and a Password and Trader ID will be emailed to them once Water Partners (Aust) Ltd has confirmed possession of a Form 39b. Water Partners (Aust) Ltd will contact any trader who will need to provide same
  • If a ‘Registration Warning’ is issued, the trader may have more than one trading entity registered under the entered email address. If this occurs, the trader should contact Water Partners (Aust) Ltd to clarify
  • If a ‘Registration Fail’ is issued, Water Partners (Aust) Ltd has no record of the nominated email address. Traders should either contact Water Partners (Aust) Ltd or proceed with Registration as a new trader 

My Water

You can only view "My Water" once you are logged-in.

Current Offers

  • This section lists your current live offers and you may edit those offers from this section. Any offers that are reserved for the Pooled Exchange cannot be edited while the Pooled Exchange is being run.


  • This section lists all the entitlements that you have registered. It will also show you if the entitlement has been approved by Water Partners (Aust) Ltd.


  • All your trades will be listed, whether expired, deleted or traded. You can search your past offers by Trade Type (e.g. Traderoom or Pooled Exchange), Offer Type or date range.

My Details

  • In this section you can maintain your own details including contact details and address. More importantly this is where you can add or adjust any water entitlement information for trading purposes. Documentation will need to be provided to Water Partners (Aust) Ltd for all new entitlements and the entitlement will be ‘Pending’ until approved by Water Partners (Aust) Ltd via evidence of ownership. You will recieve an email outlining the steps that need to be taken.

Reset Password

  • If you choose to alter or reset your password you may do so in this section.

Offer Creation

  • Once you are Registered and Logged-In you are capable of entering an offer to the Traderoom and/or the Pooled Exchange 
  • Upon log-in you will automatically be taken to "My Water"
  • If you wish to add an offer you may select "Add Buy Offer" or "Add Sell Offer"
  • Entitlement details must be selected from the drop down list
  • You must then enter how many megalitres (ML) they are looking to sell (or buy) together with the price you are looking to receive (or pay) per ML.
  • All offers will default to both the Traderoom and Pooled Exchange. If you wish to be excluded from one or the other they must select either the ‘Exclude from Traderoom’ or ‘Exclude from Pooled Exchange’ option
  • The offer can remain on the Traderoom for up to 28 days. You must select how long you wish their offer to remain live. 
  • If an offer is entered in the Pooled Exchange only, you must select how many pools you wish the offer to be valid. An offer can participate in a maximum of 4 pools.
  • Any offers entered into the Pooled Exchange and the Traderoom will be suspended from the Traderoom for 5 hours, from 10am Wednesday to 3pm Wednesday and will only return to the Traderoom if it is unsuccessful in the pool. These offers will be removed from the Traderoom during this period. (note;- the days may vary due to public holidays.)
  • Offers entered in the Traderoom and the Pooled Exchange will expire in both methods of trade according to the expiry date selected for the Traderoom.
  • In some cases you may split your trade, by volume, in order to attract more buyers or sellers. Please ensure that the relevant box is ticked.
  • If ‘Yes’ is ticked, it is necessary to indicate how many ML per split you wish to have and also the minimum number of ML you wish to remain in your final split. E.G. If a trader has 100ML they wish to sell, they may be willing to sell in increments of 20ML but want the minimum of the final sale to be 40ML. Please note extra water authority fees will apply if trades are split
  • Once all the information has been inputted, click the Submit button. This step will automatically run a Feasibility check. If the Feasibility check is successful, the offer will proceed to the Traderoom and/or the Pooled Exchange ready for matching. If the Feasibility check is unsuccessful, you will be notified via an on screen message. In that circumstance, it may be necessary for you to confirm their entitlement details and the Megalitres they have offered. Water Partners (Aust) Ltd will assist if you have any problems at the Feasibility stage.
  • You will also be informed of the potential fees for your trade once trade details have been submitted. You will be required to press ‘Confirm’ in order for your offer to become live. 

Offer Acceptance

  • If you are logged-in you are taken to "My Water" where you will see lists of water available to sell or buy.
  • Offers in the Traderoom will be listed under the ‘Buy Water’ tab and ‘Sell Water’ tab. These will be available for anyone to view.
  • Each offer will have an ‘Accept Offer’ button option. No offer can be accepted until you are logged-in
  • In order to accept an offer, simply press the “Accept Offer” button
  • The next screen will outline the details of the offer you have accepted and you will be provided with a screen outling the fees involved in the trade. You will need to confirm your acceptance at this point.
  • Upon confirmation the system will automatically run a Feasibility check to ensure that the trade can take place. (Feasibility checks will ensure such things as the seller having sufficient allocation and that the water is tradeable between the allocated zones).
  • If you are the ‘Acceptor’ of the offer an Invoice or Remittance Advice (depending on whether you are selling or buying) will be automatically generated. If the ‘Acceptor’ is purchasing, they will be required to pay their invoice within 48 hours. If the ‘Acceptor’ is selling, payment will be made to them once funds have been received from the purchaser.
  • The ‘Owner’ of the offer will receive similar communication via email.

Trading on Water Partners (Aust) Ltd's new 24/7 electronic Traderoom is instant, with immediate trade feasiblity and lodgement processes and to get you started we are here to assist. So if you have any issues or need that extra bit of help please call the friendly team at Water Partners (Aust) Ltd on 5853 2333.